Those Embraceable Bitter Melodies (EP)

by Sergio Brito

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Produced and Recorded by Guilherme Maia at Dinamite Studios
Luiz Terêncio on trombone, "The Ballad Of The Brass Band"


released 16 July 2013



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Track Name: On The Next Train
Mamma I’m leaving to find the blues
She said son, don’t worry. I’ll be right here waiting on you
Don’t take badly for I’m on the road
But there are too many places and people that I’ve got to know

Mamma I know you’ve got a reason to show
All your fears and yearnings about this way I chose to go
But don’t be sad when I’m gone
Look at your window and be sure that soon I’ll be coming back home

I don’t care about the weather
I don’t care about the rain
I can find my true love on the next train
Track Name: Broken
I need your heart without correction
I need you even if you come without affection
I need the disguise you keep in your eyes
I need the devils of your lips and the rust of your lies

I bet you can sing, you can sing just to me
When everything is broken
We can still dance surrounded by a crooked symphony

I put my cards in front of you
I have nothing in my hands and a beggar in my shoes
Track Name: The Ballad Of The Brass Band
It seems like the days I ain’t got memories worth while to remain
Just like a stone trying to float in a glass full of sand
They give you sparkles when you lend them flames
Break into your house using your friends names
And then they say “hello” pretending to be your home maid

Theres a man outside scratching all the death poison in his veins
He can see thru my walls and knows I”m not thinking in losing my brains
I can’t take more of this endless storm
Tomorrow night I will blow these golden horns
And maybe, baby, I’ll join the band

Tom is in the room but Lucinda has her mind hypnotized
Her young son Brown is nagging Tom’s beautiful wife
Everybody is too much ashamed. Everybody is quoting names
They point at each other and complain
They need to find someone to blame
But Lucinda is the only one who really gets wet with the rain
Track Name: Thinking Of You
The streets are filled
With raindogs from the hills
Clocks melt down
Like a painting hanging in a museum

And I’m thinking of you
Are you thinking of me?
Am I falling down?

The piano man
Is singing lullabies of the rain
I ask you to dance
But you know I’m no good in romance

Shine a light for me
The path is dark, I cannot see

So, when you find this good-bye note
I’ll already be down the road
Cause there’s nothing more to be said
When you are falling down